Artist feature

Steve Carter

Steve has been performing for a number of years now, travelling the circuit and playing gigs in a range of venues, from coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and music clubs to whenever the opportunity arose.

About Steve

Born in the UK in 1950. At age 11 was press-ganged into the school choir as a treble and performed Faure's Requiem in Latin.

A year or so later couldn't hold a tune in a bucket from the effects of puberty. At 15 he heard John Williams in concert, so wanted to be a classical guitarist. Due to the lack of teachers near his home, he started attending local folk clubs for inspiration.

Steve's influences at the time were some of the folk world's most talented performers and groups, including Ralph McTell, Bert Jansch, John Renbourne and the band Fairport Convention.

In late 1969 he immigrated to Melbourne and haunted the venues where acoustic music was played.

Being married, with 3 children to provide for, meant music was always very part-time.

Steve moved to the Gold Coast in 1995 after a short stint in Albury NSW, where he is still residing and playing music around the area.