Artist feature

Peter Austin Lee

Australian drumming legend

Peter Lee has had a lifetime of experience in the music industry and has played with the who's who of rock, county and many other genres of music all over Australia. 

Peter has gained a reputation as a world-class session drummer in many studios all over Australia.

About Peter

Peter started playing drums at the age of 10 at local dances in his hometown in country Victoria.

Peter moved to Melbourne with his high school mate Peter Cupples in their late teens, and after playing in the local Melbourne music scene with several bands, went on to form what has become the iconic Australian band "Stylus".

Stylus had a number of award-winning albums, and toured nationally with music acts such as George Benson, Suzi Quattro, Little River Band, Average White Band, Renée Geyer, Sherbert, and Paul Young, just to name a few.

Stylus also appeared regularly on national television shows such as Countdown, Hey Hey It's Saturday, The Midday Show and many others.

Since moving to Queensland many years ago Peter formed and has managed the respected Blue Heeler band which has toured Australia-wide with acts such as Billy Joel, Merle Haggard, Tina Turner, James Blundell, Don Williams, Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan and Luella Widt.


The Blue Heelers

Running With the Outliers - 1991
Trouble in the Home - 1992
The Blue Heelers - 1994
Regular Bulls and Herd Cats - 1995
Ragged Jack - 1996
Stories - 1999