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Evelyn Heke

Rhythm / lead / bass guitarist

Evelyn Heke is a bass player who played for Tauranga Country Music Club in New Zealand for 7 years as a rhythm guitarist. She then arrived on the Gold Coast in the early ’90s and travelled the eastern seaboard playing in her family band called 'Donna And The Moderation’ as a rhythm/lead guitarist. This adventure included being the support band for 'America' on one of their Australian tours.

Evelyn Heke
Evelyn-Heke_Bass Player
Evelyn Heke

More about Evelyn

Evelyn know what it’s like to get the crowd going from the band days of Donna & The Moderation, where the five-piece band toured NSW for four years solid and pumped out all the hits of rock, reggae, blues and pop.

Evelyn is a flexible artist and has worked with a number of bands over time. She is also a proud member of the Gold Coast Country Music Club and the Smokehouse CMC playing bass guitarist in their resident backing bands for over the past 8 years.